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TMRS Bumper Suspended SweepersBumper Suspended Magnet With Metal Debris

If you have a loading dock, construction site, parking lot, trucking terminal, or county road littered with steel debris causing flat tires, down time of service vehicles, and repair costs, then Thompson Magnetics has your foreign object damage (FOD) solution.

Our TMRS Series suspension magnetic sweeper can be suspended as a yard magnet or road magnet from service vehicles to sweep the problem area on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Benefits of using TMRS Series Suspension Magnets:

  • Reduce flat tires
  • Save money spent on repairs
  • Reduce down time of service vehicles
  • Increase employee productivity (if they aren’t repairing flat tires, then they are working)
  • Remove unwanted steel debris from your service area

The TMRS Series Suspended type magnetic sweeper can be easily mounted to any service vehicle. Heavy duty forged steel eyebolts are secured at each end of the bar magnet making attachment to any bumper easy. They are easily replaced should an eyebolt be sheared off. Simply unscrew the damaged eyebolt and replace it with another one that is ½” threaded.

Avoid costly down times, delays and FLAT TIRES with these FOD magnets.

  • Bumper Suspended Magnet on BoatSweepers mount easily on forklifts, yardtrucks, push-tugs and all ground support equipment.
  • Available with optional Fork Pockets, Impact Wheels and Quick Clean Trays.
  • Manufactured with High Grade Ceramic-8A magnet material.
  • Exclusive magnetic circuitry guarantees the strongest permanent magnetic power.
  • Available in sizes from 2 ft. to 9 ft.
  • All sweepers are available with long lasting Aluminum housing or Extreme Duty - CS Steel housing for serious abuse.
  • Built with a thick inner steel frame and permanently secured end caps. Beware of low-grade imitations.

Most effective operating range:

TMRS1: Suspension height from ground: 3" - Vehicle Speed: 3 to 5 mph
TMRS2: Suspension height from ground: 3" to 5" - Vehicle Speed: 3 to 7 mph

Optional Fork Pocket

Optional Fork Pocket

Optional Impact Wheels

Impact Wheels

Optional Quick-Clean Tray

Quick-clean tray

Magnetic Sweeper Packed with FOD - Many Flat Tires Saved Here

Suspended Magnet

These photos show our TMRS1-48 Heavy-duty Magnetic Sweeper, with optional skid wheels, being used by Roadway Express to clear their trucking terminals of tramp metal. Notice the amount of debris removed by the magnet. Many possible flat tires saved here.

TMRS1-48 Magnetic Sweeper with Skid Wheels. Heavy duty magnets are always working while jockey truck goes through daily routine.

Magnet is flipped over exposing collected ferrous debris. Debris falls from magnet when optional Quick Clean tray is released. Or simply wipe magnet clean with a heavy duty glove or block of wood.